Geef mij maar Amsterdam*

Personally I think I live in one of the greatest cities in the world. I wouldn’t even know where to start when describing what made me fell in love with this place the first time I came to live here (6 month internship in 2006). David James Smith, an expat who used to work at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, did an excellent job of  doing just so. He has written a beautiful “Goodbye Amsterdam” post which, I you have ever lived in Amsterdam, will make you all sentimental and sigh…

* This is the title of Geef Mij Maar Amsterdam, a very famous song about the city, sung by the artist Johnny Jordaan. It can’t get more Amsterdam than this, trust me.


One more reason why I’d like to like coffee

I had this one as a draft for at least five weeks, thought of writing about Stumptown Coffee Roasters before paying a visit to at least one. Life happened and I didn’t blog for a bit, but I’m back! A little while ago Wieden+Kennedy tweeted about a New York Times post on a popular, American coffee place opening a pop-up shop in Amsterdam, more precisely at creative advertising agency SID LEE. The article made me want to check out the New York Stumptown Coffee Roasters while being there, and so I did (see picture). Awesome place with the coolest people I have seen in a coffee store to date where it seemed that having tattoos was one of the job requirements!

My drink at Stumptown Coffee Roasters - Ace Hotel (New York)

My drink at Stumptown Coffee Roasters - Ace Hotel (New York)

Last week I returned from New York and yesterday I checked out Stumptown Coffee Roasters at SID LEE, conveniently located only 5 minutes from my house. Although the place itself is of course SID LEE like I’ve seen it before, it also had the nice vibe as in New York. Not only because the baristas seemed to carry that same cool style, but also because they served good drinks and they were playing some good solid rock. The pop-up shop will be open for three months (until 31st July), so if you have a chance to check it out, do it! You can find it here, they are open from Mon-Sat, between 07.00h-19.00h.

My drink at Stumptown Coffee Roasters - at SID LEE (Amsterdam)

My drink at Stumptown Coffee Roasters - at SID LEE (Amsterdam)

So coming back to my title, why am I recommending a place where I don’t even like the main product they are selling there? This might seem a bit contradictory, but I love products that are made with care and passion. Stumptown is such a place. And besides that, they serve a really awesome hot chocolate too :) And I did part in their coffee tasting, if you have to learn to appreciate the taste, than I might just do it in the best place around. I wouldn’t be surprised if they could get me to like coffee after three months.

Stumptown Coffee Tasting in Amsterdam

Stumptown Coffee Tasting in Amsterdam

Data is beautiful

PLOT - Data is beautiful

 At least according to PLOT, Wieden + Kennedy’s (renowned ad agency for those who don’t know) own line of “contemporary jewellery, with a conceptual twist”. Lisa Prince and Nicholla Longley, both working at W+K London, noticed in their daily job that data can be presented in an aesthetical way. They decided to bring data and beauty together in the form of a jewelry line and PLOT is the result. Below for example you see a piece of jewelry which are actually the silver and oil prices from 1979-2009 when you take a closer look.

PLOT - Silver & Oil price

PLOT - Silver & Oil price 1979-2009PLOT - Silver and Oil Detail 1979-2009

PLOT - Silver and Oil Detail

PLOT - Silver and Oil Detail 1979-2009

 I love the concept, although the execution might need a bit more work. Of course W+K wouldn’t be so good if they didn’t know how to launch this well, so you can either visit the PLOT website, their online shop, the Facebook page or check it our irl at Beyond the Valley, Newburgh Street, Carnaby Street. Luna & Curious, Brick Lane, both in London.