Random acts of kindness ftw

It’s been a while that I heard about the Swedish magazine T-Post, the world’s first wearable magazine. As they explain on their website: “Every five weeks, subscribers receive a new t-shirt in the mail. News story on the inside. Artist interpretation on the front. All-around conversation piece.”

T-Post Issue nr. 51 - Higher Education Or Just Plain High

T-Post Issue nr. 51 - Higher Education Or Just Plain High

Cool concept with great graphic t-shirts, but it doesn’t stop there. Inspired by real-life superheroes (and maybe a little Kick-Ass) they invite everyone to unleash their inner superhero and perform a good deed. The fun thing is they want you to do it while wearing a superhero costume and film it so it can be shared with the rest of the world. The video with the most views wins $1,000 or a lifetime subscription to T-post. Being a big fan of random kindness (one of the reasons why I believe in the tattoo I got), I absolutely love this contest. You too? You can enter your video untill June 14th. For a smile on your face, check the video below or all the all the other entries so far here.

Got some ink

I’ve mentioned previously that I believe in the statement ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’. Well, I believe in it so much that I decided to get a WGACA tattoo. I got the font Soraya (by Jakob Nylund) through the great Copenhagen Bitchslap Magazine.

What Goes Around Comes Around (font Soraya by Jakob Nylund)

What Goes Around Comes Around ftw

What goes around comes around

I’m a firm believer in this statement, and that’s why I love the following ad by Big Ant International for Global Coalition for Peace. Great example how the form strengthens the message! Simple yet brilliant. Maybe that’s why they won the Gold Pensil for Design at the One Show Design Awards?

What Goes Around Comes Around 1

What Goes Around Comes Around 2

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