Making True Grit

(c) Jeff Bridges photo - True Grit - Hanging Scene

Last weekend I’ve seen True Grit at a lovely movie theater in Amsterdam. Really liked the atmosphere of the raw wild west, which wasn’t the typical Hollywood glamour version of it. Jeff Bridges,who plays one of the main characters Rooster Cogburn, has been taking some wonderful pictures on set. Above is my favourite, check all the others here: Making True Grit. Via


I hate running

A few weeks ago I decided to take on the challenge of running 10k. Nothing special you might think, if it wasn’t for the fact that 1. I absolutely hate running 2. I had never done it in my entire life 3. I have 7 weeks to go from absolute beginner to a 10k runner.

In the beginning I was suprised I wasn’t falling apart after half an hour run, so the first week was actually nice (also because I got to buy new shoes). Afterwards it went from missing, to prioritizing, to hate, to hope, to guilt to loathing myself. I have 3 more weeks to get myself ready, so wish me luck!


The long road to 10k (c) Ivano Bettati

Keep your eyes open

I like to keep up with everything around me and I get my inspiration from a whole bunch of things. It can be from the books, magazines and blogs I read, colleagues and friends, the people I follow on Twitter, biking through Amsterdam, art exhibitions, photographs, talking to random strangers, travelling, movies etc. One blog that always gives food for thought and inspires is Springwise. In case you haven’t heard of them yet (doubt it), this is how they describe themselves:

“Springwise is required brain food for entrepreneurial minds!…Springwise will instantly inspire you by getting the world’s most promising new business ideas and young ventures right in front of you.”

In 2008 I found out that you could also send in things or trends you spot by signing up for their network Springspotters. I did so and since then I have sent in several spottings, some of them made it to their blog and newsletter. Yesterday my latest spotting niiu was featured, before there was the free album from No Doubt, tech restuarant Inamo and my very first spotting Green Graffiti. The latter is a funny story since they barely started their business when they were featured in Springwise. Afterwards they were contacted for licensing in 13 countries, which was of course a huge boost to a start-up. Jim Bowes, the owner, found me through a mutual friend and we even had lunch to thank me. A great example to show the power of good ideas spreading through the interwebs. A through this I met a new, interesting person = win!

Keep Your Eyes Open

Things I have learned in ’09

As I was sick for a few days I had enough time to think about everything I wanted (and did not want) to think about. Maybe it’s because my first wisdom tooth is coming up, but I also thought about the past year and all that I’ve learned. Of course I have developed myself and learned many life lessons the past year, but I won’t bore you with that. At the end of the year lists seem to appear everywhere, so why not join the herd for once? Below you’ll find a list of – what might appear to be random – things that I learned in 2009. As I said before, there is no such thing as useless knowledge!

–  A DSLR takes much nicer pictures than my old DSC (both Canon)
–  Only Irish whiskey has the extra e (instead of Scottish whisky), which they like to say it stands for enjoyment
Rutger Hauer is a very nice man who likes two sugars in his coffee
– I can’t seem to celebrate carnival without getting sick afterwards
Festivals are still as fun as two years ago
Cats can be pretty damn cute
– I really can call some of  my friends in the middle of the night, and they will pick up
– Dutch people will dress up like anything for free fuel
– Riding around in a shopping card means guaranteed bruises
– Drinking vodka from a detox cup is not good
– Actually, anything coming from a detox cup has made me sick

2009 Graffiti

(c) Peter Koenig

– I still can’t control myself when going into a bookstore
Doel isn’t entirely empty yet
Ze Frank is as funny live as he was on The Show
– Amsterdam is even prettier by night
– Foreign guys somehow still attract me more than Dutch for no apparent reason
–  Work isn’t always as fun and as important as you might think
–  Talking to strangers can be a good thing
–  TEDxAmsterdam was as cool as anticipated
– My little finger size is more an 11 than a 12 (ergo I lost my ring)
– Stop dying my hair actually makes it look better
Twitter is more addictive than one might think
– Stewardess flatmates suck
Sequins weren’t only cool when I was born (in the ’80s)
n8 is really cool, afterparties not so much
– Being the only Dutch in a German/American bachelorette party is fun
– I can do the electric slide like a true middle-aged American
– Gay saunas in Amsterdam are also used for art exhibitions/launch parties
– A trip to Copenhagen showed me that it is still my favourite city in the world (after Amsterdam)
– It’s lonely without friends and family
Paris is not too bad
– Going into crazy rides after drinking a few Maß at Oktoberfest doesn’t make you sick
– You can’t trust millionaire men, even if they have a daughter your own age
–  Things might look bad, but it could always be worse.

Do with this information what you want :-)

Fuck You Very Much – the blog

‘Fuck you very much’ is more than just an annoying song by Lily Allen, it’s actually one of my favourite blogs at the moment. It’s a relatively young tumblr-blog (April ’09) that can be described as a visual diary. Basically they post a few stunning pictures a day which are accompanied by mostly great one-liners. Simple but nevertheless funny, cool or touching. I loved the following pic they put up today, been there and hated it too…

we hate goodbyes - by fyvm

we hate goodbyes - by fyvm

It’s is kind of mysterious who is behind the blog (“a boy and a girl”) but given some of their posts I can at least tell they are from my favourite city, Copenhagen (Denmark). FYVM has a twitter account too, you can follow them here.

Update (Sept 17th): They have reveiled a bit more information on their website, it’s a girl living in New York and a boy living in London (still think they are Danish though).