Life on Sundays – blog

Earlier this week I discovered a new blog through twitter, called Life on Sundays. It’s a wonderful collection of pictures posted daily, all in this hazy, blurry and romantic style which I happen to love. It found out @ferryv, someone I talk to on Twitter sometimes, is behind it and he just started it two weeks ago. IF you like some of the pictures below, make sure you check out more on the blog.

Fuck You Very Much – the blog

‘Fuck you very much’ is more than just an annoying song by Lily Allen, it’s actually one of my favourite blogs at the moment. It’s a relatively young tumblr-blog (April ’09) that can be described as a visual diary. Basically they post a few stunning pictures a day which are accompanied by mostly great one-liners. Simple but nevertheless funny, cool or touching. I loved the following pic they put up today, been there and hated it too…

we hate goodbyes - by fyvm

we hate goodbyes - by fyvm

It’s is kind of mysterious who is behind the blog (“a boy and a girl”) but given some of their posts I can at least tell they are from my favourite city, Copenhagen (Denmark). FYVM has a twitter account too, you can follow them here.

Update (Sept 17th): They have reveiled a bit more information on their website, it’s a girl living in New York and a boy living in London (still think they are Danish though).