Sleeveface: Vinyl art

Golden toilet with old recordsI love old LPs and am collecting them for quite some time already. And since a few months, I can even listen to them when I got a new LP-player :-) I don’t only collect LPs for the great music or that wonderful scratchy sound, but also because of the great design of the sleeves. In one of the first student-house where I lived, I even painted the toilet gold and covered the entire walls with old records!

Sleeveface John Lennon

This week, I saw another initiative in a newspaper on how to be creative with LPs, or more exactly, the sleeves. The idea is simple: take a sleeve, take a face and obscure or augment any part of your body with record sleeve(s) causing an illusion. The result is often strikingly good or just plain hilarious. I included a sleeveface of John Lennon which shows how simple it can be, but how cool the result is. You can visit the official website or check their facebook page for more great examples. Inspired and don’t know how to make your own sleeveface? Check this video.