Amen to Seth Godin

Seth Godin's BlogAs I have indicated before, I’m a loyal reader of Seth Godin’s blog (together with hundred thousands of people).  Today he wrote a post about PR which I cannot agree more with. Although Seth is a true marketeer, he gets PR and know how it should work (if only all marketeers could that would make my job easier :-))If you want to read the post, click here.

When times get tough

I am a loyal reader of Seth Godin’s blog. Although I don’t always agree with his points of view, his posts are always very interesting to read. I just came across a post that I starred in my Google Reader items a while ago. I think the following quote couldn’t be more true (not only in a work, but also in a personal environment):

Your customers and employees and investors will remember how you treated them when times were tough, when they needed a break, when a little support meant everything.

No one in particular will remember how you acted during the boom times.

Seth Godin & Malcolm Gladwell on SUCCESS

This week I’ve read two interesting pieces about one topic from two very successful people, namely the New York bestseller author Malcolm Gladwell and marketing guru Seth Godin.They talked about something that interests me greatly: what is it that makes people stand out and be successful?

Malcolm Gladwell´s new book Outliers

Malcolm Gladwell´s new book Outliers

First, let’s talk about Malcolm Gladwell (writer of one of my favourite books called Blink). His new book Outliers, which will be released November 18th, is a book about success. “It starts with a very simple question: what is the difference between those who do something special with their lives and everyone else?” According to Social Capital Blog, “Gladwell thinks success in the 21st century is going to be less about sheer intelligence and more about collaboration and hard work to get to the level of mastery in a topic (which he says typically takes 10,000 hours)”.

Seth Godin discusses the relationship between effort and success on his blog. He states the following: “Delete the outliers–the people who are hit by a bus or win the lottery, the people who luck out in a big way, and we’re left with everyone else. And for everyone else, effort is directly related to success.” He continues with statements that I couldn´t agree more with:

Effort takes many forms. Showing up, certainly. Knowing stuff (being smart might be luck of the draw, but knowing stuff is the result of effort). Being kind when it’s more fun not to. Paying forward when there’s no hope of tangible reward. Doing the right thing.

Although Seth and Malcolm discuss the topic from a different perspective, they come to a similar conclusion: reaching success is merely hard work. Although this can be hopeful for some people (success is in reach for all of us), it also implies that the less successful just haven´t worked hard enough. That one is a tougher cookie than just blaming it on others or circumstances. For the latter, just don´t read Malcolm Gladwell´s new book :-)