“Yesterday, the night before, tomorrow”

Lykke Li live is so beautiful. Very happy I’m going to see her in Paradiso in a few months!


On repeat

Let me introduce to you Jenny Lane, a wonderful Amsterdam based artist. Saw her as a background singer for Anouk last year, and now will finally be able to see her in Paradiso since her own tour will start soon! This song is my favourite, have already heard it more than 70 times the past three days (according to my iTunes counter). Enjoy!

We Want More

“We want more”, the words you (and I) scream between a band leaving the stage and going back on for the encore. Whatever happens backstage during this magic moment normally stays a secret. Photographer Daniel Cohen reveals a little bit with his work. At the two great Amsterdam venues Paradiso and Melkweg he shot musicians like The Kooks, Erykah Badu and dEUS when they came right of the stage and before going back on for the encore. On his website Daniel says the following:

It’s not meant to be a portrait, rather a capture of this moment backstage. This pure moment in time thrives with energy and vulnerability, a backstage moment of rest in the eye of the storm, while the crowd on the other side screams for more.

Erykah Badu in Paradiso, 2008 ©Daniel Cohen

Erykah Badu in Paradiso, 2008 ©Daniel Cohen

Check out the exhibition from 1 October – 1 November in the Melkweg Galerie (Marnixstraat 409, open Wednesday till Sunday from 13.00 tot 20.00). On Friday 23th and Saturday 24th Daniel will be signing his book “We Want More”.