On repeat

Let me introduce to you Jenny Lane, a wonderful Amsterdam based artist. Saw her as a background singer for Anouk last year, and now will finally be able to see her in Paradiso since her own tour will start soon! This song is my favourite, have already heard it more than 70 times the past three days (according to my iTunes counter). Enjoy!

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club

"Bingo is the game of the devil"

(c) Red Class

Doesn’t the name alone make you want to be part of it? Rebel Bingo is a brilliant, underground concept combining bingo (duh) with music, excentric clothes and secret locations. The way it started out in London makes a great story and is worth checking out. Just as their pictures on Flickr, where you can see what kind of crowd it attracts and how big it already is. This is what the organisers have to say about Rebel Bingo on their website:

Rebel Bingo is dangerous and addictive. The authorities are after us. They want to shut us down. But we won’t let them. Our numbers are growing. We’re spreading across the country. You won’t see us but we’re everywhere. You won’t hear us but we’re right behind you. We’re everywhere and nowhere, but wherever we are we’re playing dirty, hardcore muthafuckin Rebel Bingo on the down low. We know it’s wrong. But it feels so right. And they can’t stop us.

Rebel Bingo does come with a few rules: no old people, no boring people, no wankers, no office parties, no hen parties, no stag parties, no work suits, no customer service. Dress code: weird, flash or dangerous. Makes sense doesn’t it? :-) I can only hope it will come across the pond and will start in Amsterdam soon as well! I would be so in :-)

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club (c) Red.Class

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club (c) Red.Class

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club (c) Red.Class

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club (c) Red.Class

Amsterdam Acoustics

Amsterdam Acoustics LogoI have been following Amsterdam Acoustics since a few months but totally forgot to share this brilliant site. According to the website, Amsterdam Acoustics was started July 2009 to create intimate acoustic sessions with musicians with Amsterdam as a cinematographic background. This has resulted in some really cool videos, which can be viewed here.

Most of the artists are good but not super big (yet!), think of William Fitzsimmons, Peter Bjorn & John, Passion Pit and the likes. The biggest band featured must be The xx, wonder how they got them to join! Below you’ll find their video, an acoustic version of Crystalized. It’s one of my favourite videos and makes me look forward to their sold out show in February!

Memories 1999-2009

I’m not a collector at all (I actually enjoy throwing things away as I hate clutter) but the one thing I have always kept diligently since I was 15 are tickets of things I have visited and done. Think tickets from concerts, theatre, opera, movies, restaurants cards, boarding passes etc. Earlier this year I decided to give them a better place than an old box so I bought a Moleskine book. Had to work today (yes, I know it’s Sunday) but as a little distraction I put  all tickets in the book . Few more pages to be filled before it’s full, making it a great overview of all the cool things I have seen and done the past 10 years.

Moleskine book 1999-2009

Moleskine book 1999-2009 (here tickets from last three months)

Highlights: Pinkpop in 2000 (my very first festival), ISH Skate Event in 2001 (a ramp in a theatre, that’s cool), all my boarding passes to Copenhagen and back since 2005 (did an exchange there twice and it feels like home), Lux Debate U.S. ’04 elections with Maarten van Rossem (very exciting times), my BahnCards 50 since 2005 (studied in and love Germany and went there numerous times with this travel card), Tina Dickow in 2008 (brilliant concert in New York City) and Kings of Leon in 2009 (first time seeing them live). Hope my next Moleskine book will fill itself with great memories as well!

Kings of Leon at HMH – Amsterdam

Friends, colleagues and even my family I have bothered with Kings of Leon the past year. Forced to listen to them, some caved in and are just as much a fan as I am, others well…not so much. Though I am pretty sure that even the toughest cookies would have come around if they had joined me to their concert at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam little over a week ago.

There is a lot to do between fans from the start and fans that have discovered KOL since their first succesful single here, Sex on Fire.  Some fans that loved their first two albums are now turning away and calling them sellouts since their last two albums have been quite different. The latter group of fans is more into the last Cd’s. However, the setlist shows that both groups had no reason to complain as Kings of Leon played songs from all albums. My favourites were Milk, On Call, Use Somebody and of course Charmer. The beginning was still a bit quite, but after half an hour or so the fans and the band really started getting fired up. At the end of the encore, and 2 hours later(!) the whole venue (incl me) went crazy! Above you will see a great HQ video with one of their best songs, Milk.

Songs to get you through the day

While writing my thesis and spending 10-12 hours a day working on it, there were many times that I needed some good music to keep going. Since I worked at my university library computer, I could not rely on my own iTunes music. Therefore I used YouTube a lot, and I found some great music and rare live versions that I wanted to share with you.

During my high school years I was a big fan of the singer-songwriter Jewel, which I hadn’t heard much of the past years. My favourite song by her was ‘Deep Water’, and Jewel’s live performance at the Woodstock festival of ’99 is the best version I’ve ever heard.

While working in London this summer, I really liked Robyn’s UK no.1 hit ‘With Every Heartbeat’. Her follow-up single ‘Handle Me’ I loved even more though! I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to it already, and I still love it and I love the creative video (and no, I won’t discuss her remarkable looks like many YouTubers do).

Another person I discovered was a yet unknown singer from Denmark performing under the name TanjaLuise. You should check out her videos, I really like most of her songs but my favourite so far is ‘Don’t Make Me’.

Tina Dickow is another singer-songwriter from Denmark, who currently is gaining popularity outside Denmark more and more. I absolutely love the live version of her song ‘My Mirror’ in Joe’s Pub in New York. Check it out for yourself:

Kanye West vs 50 Cent

Kanye West vs 50 Cent9/11 is the day the war on terrorism basically started. This years 9/11 might have started a war of another kind, namely in hip hop. On this date, 50 Cent released his new album ‘Curtis‘ and simultaniously Kanye West released his ‘Graduation‘. Since 50 Cent is known for his fights with fellow artists (such as Nas, Jay-Z and The Game) he felt it was about time to start a new one. He might regret picking his new enemy though…

It all started with 50 Cent finding out that Kanye West moved up his release date to the 9/11. 50 Cent reacted by saying that Kanye only wanted to use the rivalry with 50 Cent to promote his own album. He might be right about that, but since musically he felt superior to Kanye he stated that if Kanye would outsell him, he would quit his solo carreer. There was an interview with both artists in the Rolling Stones, with a great cover! It resulted in a big media fuss and a lot of attention for both artists. Now, after a few days the first score is Kanye selling 700,000 albums to 50 Cent selling only 550,000. Bye bye 50 Cent!

The ones truly winning this whole ‘war’ though are the people of Universal, record company of both, who have had a big role in this great mixed marketing campaign. Quintessential of a laughing third…

PS. My personal favourite is Kanye West, I love his second single of his new album which could have been a warning to 50 Cent: Stronger