This is what you get…

…. on the day that Google announces to stop self-censoring themselves in China. Why this huge increase in visits to my blog? Because I happen to have a picture of the protesting student at Tiananmen Square (1989) in a Magnum post from 1,5 years ago. Normally I have around 200-250 daily views, pretty normal for such a little hobby blog. Yesterday there were almost 1500 views, pretty crazy.


Good vs bad?

This picture by Magnum founder Robert Capa is probably the one item in Moderna Museet in Stockholm that got to me the most.

Robert Capa ‘Chartres, August 18, 1944'

(c) Robert Capa ‘Chartres, August 18, 1944'

Just after the Allies had liberated the town, a French woman who had had a baby by a German soldier was punished by having her head shaved. Here she is seen being marched home. What got me most is that many people around the lady are smiling, enjoying her humiliaition. Who kows this woman just happened to fall in love with a German guy (not because, but despite the fact that he was)? Whatever the story was, this shows that the ‘good’ can be just as bad too.