Most ridiculous press release of 2009

As some readers know, I work in PR. Today, a colleague of mine send me a link to a just incredibly ridiculous press release, a perfect example of how not to do it. The release is pretty long so I won’t copy it into this post, but it links Rolex, suicide and Owen Wilson. Curious how that works, read it here. Melrose Jewelry, a LA based company send out this piece of bs. Whoever gave this one a go should be fired!

Owen Wilson without his live saving Rolex?

Owen Wilson without his live saving Rolex? © Splash News

Some people have already discussed this release that was sent out last week (such as Matthew Odam and Matt). Marina Hyde of The Guardian, my favourite UK news paper, had a very funny piece on the press release which is definitely worth reading. Actually, if you have some time to spare, go read some of her lifestyle/celebrity articles, her sarcasm is just great!


Poladroid – simple yet great

As I grew up with it, I too was sad to see that Polaroid earlier this year decided to stop with making polaroid film (after stopping making the cameras in 2007).  Much was written about it in newspapers, blogs and magazines. Dazed & Confused, one of the few magazines I have a subscription on, even did a 24 spread on Polaroid photography.

Who didn’t love the sound that the camera would make or the anticipation of waiting for the picture to develop in front of your eyes? No need to miss it anymore with the free application from Poladroid. You can drag and drop your photos onto the Poladroid “camera”, and after a few seconds it spits out your unprocessed print (with the original sound!). You can watch it develop and then save and print it. Pretty fun UI! For  cool examples, go to the special Poladroid Flickr group. See my experiment below :-)

Yours truly in Nice

Yours truly in Nice