Egg Chair’s 50th Anniversary

Even when the title doesn’t ring a bell, you too have probably seen the Egg chair. This wonderful piece of design will celebrate it’s 50th anniversary this year. When you think of an egg, you think of cocooning and that’s exactly what this chair enables. Many critics state that design is only about the looks and not about the usability. However, this chair is pure design and it is wonderfully comfortable as well!

Egg Chair Limited Edition 2008The chair was created in 1958 by Arne Jacobsen and manufactured by Fritz Hansen, and was first introduced at the Radisson SAS Hotel in Copenhagen. Arne Jacobsen was asked to fully decorate and design the hotel. Today however, only room no. 606 still contains the original Arne Jacobsen pieces. To me personally, the Egg chair is the quintessential of design: beautifully shaped, comfortable, stylish and timelessly beautiful!

To celebrate it’s 50th birthday, Fritz Hansen launches a limited edition of 999 pieces with chocolate-coloured leather with a bronze foot. I want one :-) For those who can actually afford one, they will be available from February ’08. For those like me who can’t, you can dream away with some great Egg chair ads from the ’50s.