Who said documentaries are boring?

Last week I was lucky enough to see two really interesting documentaries in Amsterdam. I have to admit that I was late for both of them thanks to my wonderful planning, but I’ve seen more than enough to know they are worth watching.

The first and most amazing was the documentary ‘Let it Ride’ about the legendary Craig Kelly. The documentary shows Craig, his view on snowboarding and life in general. What impressed me the most was the footage of Craig snowboarding in Iran, the first foreign snowboarder ever to do this. While watching you get a hint of what ultimate freedom he must feel when boarding of the most incredible mountains. To me, and I’m a person who doesn’t really like to watch sports in general, it was just amazing. What even made it more magical was the music used to support the documentary, with Björk’s Hyperballad at the end as an absolute favourite. I’ve seen most of the documentary, but I will definitely go back to see it all. If you happen to be in Amsterdam , you should check it out at FOAM. It’s part of a bigger exhibition curated by Ari Marcoupolis – viewable until 16th of June 2010.

Art & Copy Poster

The second documentary I saw was ‘Art & Copy’, which is about advertising and inspiration. On their website they say the following: “it reveals the work and wisdom of some of the most influential advertising creatives of our time — people who’ve profoundly impacted our culture, yet are virtually unknown outside their industry.”  They show all the classics (unfortunately mostly US-based) and also have old footage that gives you almost a Mad Men feeling. I found it interesting to see the development of the advertising industry and how some of the well-known people in advertising think about their work and the industry as whole. If you like advertising in any way, make sure you go to SMART Project Space where the documentary will air until March 30th 2010.


We Want More

“We want more”, the words you (and I) scream between a band leaving the stage and going back on for the encore. Whatever happens backstage during this magic moment normally stays a secret. Photographer Daniel Cohen reveals a little bit with his work. At the two great Amsterdam venues Paradiso and Melkweg he shot musicians like The Kooks, Erykah Badu and dEUS when they came right of the stage and before going back on for the encore. On his website Daniel says the following:

It’s not meant to be a portrait, rather a capture of this moment backstage. This pure moment in time thrives with energy and vulnerability, a backstage moment of rest in the eye of the storm, while the crowd on the other side screams for more.

Erykah Badu in Paradiso, 2008 ©Daniel Cohen

Erykah Badu in Paradiso, 2008 ©Daniel Cohen

Check out the exhibition from 1 October – 1 November in the Melkweg Galerie (Marnixstraat 409, open Wednesday till Sunday from 13.00 tot 20.00). On Friday 23th and Saturday 24th Daniel will be signing his book “We Want More”.

Richard Avedon in Foam (Amsterdam)

Last year I already heard about the exhibition ‘Avedon Photographs 1946-2004’ when I was in Paris. I was bummed since I couldn’t visit it there due to lack of time, but oh so happy when I found out its tour would also pass Amsterdam, the city I love and live in!

Foam, a wonderful, small photography museum in the inner centre of Amsterdam showcasing this exhibition, has the following to say about it:

It features over 200 works by Richard Avedon presented in chronological order, from his first photos made in Italy in 1946 to his final portraits, made shortly before his death in 2004. This is the first retrospective of his work to appear in the Netherlands.

As the exhibition takes a look at his career as a whole, the exhibition is a selection of Avedon’s most famous works as well as some hidden treasures. As I am only partly familiar with his work, I can’t wait to see more! You can too, from Feb 13th – May 13th 2009.

Richard Avedon Exhibition 1946-2004

Richard Avedon Photograhs 1946-2004

Bob Dylan ©Richard Avedon

Bob Dylan ©Richard Avedon