Vinyl biking

Many of us (at least here in The Netherlands) put on music while biking. But did you know soon it might be possible to spin vinyl records by simply riding your bike? Thanks to  designers Liat Azulay (also founder of Ludduvudde), Merel Slootheer, Pieter Frank de Jong and Vincent Beijersbergen this is a dream slowly becoming reality. Feats Per Minute is a bike that combines three things I love: design, biking and vinyl!

They have built their first prototype and hope they will have a Feats per Minute in every city soon. Can’t wait!

Recession art

Recession / Recessione, a nonexcisting exhibition

Recession / Recessione - A Nonexistent Exhibition

Although probably no artist likes to admit this, one needs money to be able to create art. Recession is therefore bad news for art. A design studio in Italy came up with a creative way of showcasing art when money is low with “Recession / Recessione – A Nonexistent Exhibition“.
According to the creators, this book (or actually more a catalogue) is a great example of an exhibition that will never take place due to budget limitations. It’s a nonexistent exhibition, you can create one yourself in your own space with the art provided.

Recession / Recessione - A Nonexistent Exhibition

Recession / Recessione - A Nonexistent Exhibition

Between September and November 2009, 35 artists worldwide were asked to interpret the R word through texts, images, artwork or music. Their work is combined in a 1 kg book and an audio CD, which you can amazingly buy for free (you only pay shipping costs). Best idea ever! I ordered mine last week and thanks the lovely people at the studio I received it within days. The ones I liked best were Maxime Buechi and Slavs & Tartars’ “The Hustle”, Camille Vivier’s “Candle II”, Mark Borthwick’s romantic picture “If were pioneer’s”, the design of Paul Bouden’s “Bring it on” and the imaginary mixtape full of miserable songs (“The light at the end of a tunnel…is a train”) by Dirty Sound System. Go order one yourself here, there are only 800 copies available and I have the feeling they are going fast!

There is no such thing as useless knowledge

And that’s definitely not the case for the daily facts they put up on Learn Something Every Day. UK design agency Young is behind this website filled with funny comics with random facts. You can order the prints and t-shirts here. Cool is that you can submit your own fact at and they might just use it!

Since I had a very intelligent tweet about ketchup today, this one made me smile:

Ketchup was sold as medicine in the 1830's

I love to read

Your eyes blink 50% less when you're readingTest

Reading about yawning will make you yawn

What goes around comes around

I’m a firm believer in this statement, and that’s why I love the following ad by Big Ant International for Global Coalition for Peace. Great example how the form strengthens the message! Simple yet brilliant. Maybe that’s why they won the Gold Pensil for Design at the One Show Design Awards?

What Goes Around Comes Around 1

What Goes Around Comes Around 2

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Sleeveface: Vinyl art

Golden toilet with old recordsI love old LPs and am collecting them for quite some time already. And since a few months, I can even listen to them when I got a new LP-player :-) I don’t only collect LPs for the great music or that wonderful scratchy sound, but also because of the great design of the sleeves. In one of the first student-house where I lived, I even painted the toilet gold and covered the entire walls with old records!

Sleeveface John Lennon

This week, I saw another initiative in a newspaper on how to be creative with LPs, or more exactly, the sleeves. The idea is simple: take a sleeve, take a face and obscure or augment any part of your body with record sleeve(s) causing an illusion. The result is often strikingly good or just plain hilarious. I included a sleeveface of John Lennon which shows how simple it can be, but how cool the result is. You can visit the official website or check their facebook page for more great examples. Inspired and don’t know how to make your own sleeveface? Check this video.

Egg Chair’s 50th Anniversary

Even when the title doesn’t ring a bell, you too have probably seen the Egg chair. This wonderful piece of design will celebrate it’s 50th anniversary this year. When you think of an egg, you think of cocooning and that’s exactly what this chair enables. Many critics state that design is only about the looks and not about the usability. However, this chair is pure design and it is wonderfully comfortable as well!

Egg Chair Limited Edition 2008The chair was created in 1958 by Arne Jacobsen and manufactured by Fritz Hansen, and was first introduced at the Radisson SAS Hotel in Copenhagen. Arne Jacobsen was asked to fully decorate and design the hotel. Today however, only room no. 606 still contains the original Arne Jacobsen pieces. To me personally, the Egg chair is the quintessential of design: beautifully shaped, comfortable, stylish and timelessly beautiful!

To celebrate it’s 50th birthday, Fritz Hansen launches a limited edition of 999 pieces with chocolate-coloured leather with a bronze foot. I want one :-) For those who can actually afford one, they will be available from February ’08. For those like me who can’t, you can dream away with some great Egg chair ads from the ’50s.