Rock Werchter 2010

Spending the weekend with Faithless, Muse, Stereophonics, Phoenix, Skunk Anansie, De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, Crookers, Bloody Beetroots Deathcrew 77, La Roux, The xx, Midlake, Kyteman’s Hip Hop Orchestra, Greenday, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Paramore, Rise Against, Coheed and Cambria, Customs, LCD Soundsystem, The Specials, Jack Johson, Corinne Bailey Rae, The Gaslight Anthem, The Morning Benders, Balthazar, Rammstein, Pink, The Ting Tings, Gossip, Chanel Zero, Das Pop, Tayler Hawkins & The Coattail Riders, Booka Shade, Empire Of The Sun, Florence + The Machine, Porcupine Tree, Yeasayer, Temper Trap, Delphic, Pearl Jam, Arcade Fire, Them Crooked Vultures, Vampire Weekend, Alice in Chains, The Black Keys, The Van Jets, Vitalic, The Black Box Revelation, Absynthe Minded, Dirty Projectors, Gomez, Shameboy and Sweet Coffee. Fuck yeah!

Metallica at Rock Werchter 2009 (c) csnan

Metallica at Rock Werchter 2009 (c) csnan

Things I have learned in ’09

As I was sick for a few days I had enough time to think about everything I wanted (and did not want) to think about. Maybe it’s because my first wisdom tooth is coming up, but I also thought about the past year and all that I’ve learned. Of course I have developed myself and learned many life lessons the past year, but I won’t bore you with that. At the end of the year lists seem to appear everywhere, so why not join the herd for once? Below you’ll find a list of – what might appear to be random – things that I learned in 2009. As I said before, there is no such thing as useless knowledge!

–  A DSLR takes much nicer pictures than my old DSC (both Canon)
–  Only Irish whiskey has the extra e (instead of Scottish whisky), which they like to say it stands for enjoyment
Rutger Hauer is a very nice man who likes two sugars in his coffee
– I can’t seem to celebrate carnival without getting sick afterwards
Festivals are still as fun as two years ago
Cats can be pretty damn cute
– I really can call some of  my friends in the middle of the night, and they will pick up
– Dutch people will dress up like anything for free fuel
– Riding around in a shopping card means guaranteed bruises
– Drinking vodka from a detox cup is not good
– Actually, anything coming from a detox cup has made me sick

2009 Graffiti

(c) Peter Koenig

– I still can’t control myself when going into a bookstore
Doel isn’t entirely empty yet
Ze Frank is as funny live as he was on The Show
– Amsterdam is even prettier by night
– Foreign guys somehow still attract me more than Dutch for no apparent reason
–  Work isn’t always as fun and as important as you might think
–  Talking to strangers can be a good thing
–  TEDxAmsterdam was as cool as anticipated
– My little finger size is more an 11 than a 12 (ergo I lost my ring)
– Stop dying my hair actually makes it look better
Twitter is more addictive than one might think
– Stewardess flatmates suck
Sequins weren’t only cool when I was born (in the ’80s)
n8 is really cool, afterparties not so much
– Being the only Dutch in a German/American bachelorette party is fun
– I can do the electric slide like a true middle-aged American
– Gay saunas in Amsterdam are also used for art exhibitions/launch parties
– A trip to Copenhagen showed me that it is still my favourite city in the world (after Amsterdam)
– It’s lonely without friends and family
Paris is not too bad
– Going into crazy rides after drinking a few Maß at Oktoberfest doesn’t make you sick
– You can’t trust millionaire men, even if they have a daughter your own age
–  Things might look bad, but it could always be worse.

Do with this information what you want :-)

Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Anyone who knows me or has been reading this blog knows I love Denmark, and Copenhagen in particular. I’ve lived there during my studies and I have been amazed by the city, it’s inhabitants, design, fashion and drinking skills :-). Being Dutch, one aspect I especially liked about Copenhagen is that it is a true biking city, comparable to Amsterdam for example. There are biking lanes everywhere, making it really comfortable and safe to bike around the city.

Although I don’t live in Copenhagen anymore (who knows one day…), I have just discovered a weblog to stay in touch with my fellow bikers in that lovely city and combine following their great sense of style as well. Just check out Copenhagen Cycle Chic – Bike Advocay in High Heels, a blog which is a true hommage to all the bikers in Copenhagen. As a Dutchie, I especially had to laugh about this post, which discusses their ‘frustration’ about the so called Dutch bike. About their tagline, of course everyone knows which is the true bike capital of the world (ok, maybe Europe). Below is a picture of me and a friend riding free tourist bikes in my Copenhagen days…

Lieke en Anke on a tourist bike in Copenhagen

Working abroad – just do it!

Headline in the Dutch news this week: ‘Two third of Dutch students want to do an internship abroad’. Of course this got my attention since I’m a strong advocate of going abroad, either studying, travelling or working. However, what surprised me was that only 2 percent (!) actually realise their dream.

For me personally, all the cliches about going abroad are true: expanding your horizon, learning about different cultures, developing yourself, learning new laguages and making friends all over the world. I’ve studied in Copenhagen – Denmark and Münster – Germany. However, after my initial internship in Amsterdam, I also wanted work abroad, so London it was :-) This internship was different fom my study exchanges, since I was not discussing and reading about e.g. ‘international management’ but was actually experiencing it myself. Even though I was in London for a short bit, it has opened my eyes about working abroad and that it involves more difficulties than one would think. Albeit, it is worth it on every level! I am also positive that it helped me getting me where I am today. I’m happy I’m part of those two percent. Thinking about doing an internship abroad?  Make sure you join the two percent…