Give Me Love

I saw Ed Sheeran in De Melkweg over two weeks ago. It is a concert I won’t forget quickly, and not only because it was good. A friend and I were surrounded by British guys who were enjoying the Amsterdam weed a bit too much. At one point one of them bit me in the arm thinking he was Dracula. No joke.

Ed opened the concert with an 11 minute version of “Give Me Love”, which I was very happy to find on YouTube yesterday. On repeat…

Summer in Amsterdam

I’ve been neglecting this blog for way too long, due to a million things I won’t bore you with. When finally logging in, I came across this draft. Tomorrow it will turn autumn officially, so seeing this pictures make me long back to those wonderful, sunny days…

(drafted on June 18th) Summer in Amsterdam is lovely and makes me so happy to live here!

Patrick Watson & Wooden Arms in Melkweg

© Nick Helderman

© Nick Helderman

Sometimes I buy a concert ticket just because I like one song by the artist. This can either be risky (it might suck) or it can be your next favourite band. I only knew Great Escape at the time I bought a ticket to Patrick Watson’s concert on May 26th in the Melkweg in Amsterdam. I haven’t regretted it since the concert was quite amazing!

Luckily you can see for yourself as well, since 3voor12 has recorded the brilliant concert. Watch it here!

Kings of Leon at HMH – Amsterdam

Friends, colleagues and even my family I have bothered with Kings of Leon the past year. Forced to listen to them, some caved in and are just as much a fan as I am, others well…not so much. Though I am pretty sure that even the toughest cookies would have come around if they had joined me to their concert at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam little over a week ago.

There is a lot to do between fans from the start and fans that have discovered KOL since their first succesful single here, Sex on Fire.  Some fans that loved their first two albums are now turning away and calling them sellouts since their last two albums have been quite different. The latter group of fans is more into the last Cd’s. However, the setlist shows that both groups had no reason to complain as Kings of Leon played songs from all albums. My favourites were Milk, On Call, Use Somebody and of course Charmer. The beginning was still a bit quite, but after half an hour or so the fans and the band really started getting fired up. At the end of the encore, and 2 hours later(!) the whole venue (incl me) went crazy! Above you will see a great HQ video with one of their best songs, Milk.