“Design is everything. Everything!”

Yes I’m quoting the Paul Rand. We’re going into the last weekend of the Graphic Design Festival in Breda, and the organisation has tried to live up to Paul’s quote as much as possible. Most of this biannual festival takes place in public space, making it accessible for more than just the people in the industry. 

Graphic Design Festival Breda 2010

Graphic Design Festival Breda 2010

 So what’s this festival all about? I can’t tell you yet, because I’ll only be checking it out myself later today. One thing I definitely want to see are the Designer Toys XL. One of them is painted by a designer I recently discovered, the talented Louis Reith. Another expo I want to go to is O.K. Festival, which presents the presents “the energy and the visual explosion of strange, beautiful and original magazines.” Not only do I love magazines, I have been following the founder on Twitter for quite a while now and am happy I can finally check out his work. Last but not least I am also kind of curious about the Graphic Surprise so I will be passing that by, just like all the other exciting things that are going on. 

This edition's theme is Decoding. That's me standing at one of the many signs that are all over town.

This edition's theme is Decoding. That's me standing at one of the many signs that are all over town.

A plus is that I have my flatmate and her boyfriend with me, who both are graphic design students. I´m looking forward to their take on things. I think GDF is a great initiative, but to make it a true festival it needs more workshops, moments of interaction and parties. If you want to check it out yourself you need to be quick, because the GDF ends tomorrow! 

P.S. Paul Rand is also known for the following design quote that I love: “Design is so simple, that’s why it’s so complicated.”


Jazz Festival

LogoThe past weekend, there was the 37th edition of the Breda Jazz Festival. It’s one of the oldest in it’s kind. Many stages are scattered around the inner city which creates a great atmosphere! With 250,000 visitors, the festival attracted more people than ever, despite the bad weather.

My music teacher in high school, who was really passionate about his job and music in general, was crazy about jazz. He tried to teach us a lot about it, but I have to say I was not really into it during high school. I’m still not as crazy about it as he is, but I’ve started to like some easy jazz. I visited the Copenhagen Jazz Festival last summer, which I really enjoyed. Therefore it was nice that, after being abroad twice during the festival, I could join my best high school friends to the Jazz Festival in Breda (this has become a tradition). It’s hard to beat the combination of good music and good friends!