Balloon boy

Balloon boy

In 2011 I went to the “Amsterdam 1935-2005” photography exhibition at Stadsarchief Amsterdam. It gave a great overview of Amsterdam throughout the years, both the good and the bad. My favourite was this Cor van Weele photograph, unfortunately I still haven’t been able to find a print of it. If anyone knows where I can find it, let me know!

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Give Me Love

I saw Ed Sheeran in De Melkweg over two weeks ago. It is a concert I won’t forget quickly, and not only because it was good. A friend and I were surrounded by British guys who were enjoying the Amsterdam weed a bit too much. At one point one of them bit me in the arm thinking he was Dracula. No joke.

Ed opened the concert with an 11 minute version of “Give Me Love”, which I was very happy to find on YouTube yesterday. On repeat…

Frozen happiness

The last two weeks it has been quite cold, freezing up to -15 Celsius. Although biking in the cold is anything but fun, it did make Amsterdam even prettier than it already is. Below you’ll find proof…

Amsterdam on ice (c) Freek Batstra

Last week I also managed to get on the canals, just like thousands of others did. It was great to see the city from a different point of view, and to see so many people enjoy it. Just have a look this video and you’ll get a feeling of how great the atmosphere was. I’m so happy I live her.

The picture below is from a city called Leiden. Originally posted on Facebook (over 40,000 likes and was shared almost 12.000 times in a few days), it was taken up by numerous international media.

Leiden on ice (c) Hielco KuipersHere’s yours truly enjoying some glühwein :)

Lieke Voermans on Amsterdam canal

World Press Photo 2010

I’m always proud of the fact that World Press Photo is a Dutch institute located in Amsterdam. Today they have announced the World Press Photo 2010 winners, you can view the amazing, winning images in the gallery here. The World Press Photo of The Year is of an 18 year old Afghan girl who was disfigured as punishment, shot by photographer Jodi Bieber. This shot comes out of the category ‘Portraits’ but easily could have come from the category ‘Spot News’, which impacted me the most.

Three of my favourites are…

Riccardo Venturi, Italy, Contrasto. Old Iron Market burns, Port-au-Prince, Haiti,

Old Iron Market burns, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (c) Riccardo Venturi

Martin Roemers, the Netherlands, Panos

Metropolis (c) Martin Roemers

Stefano Unterthiner, Italy, for National Geographic magazine.

Whooper Swan (c) Stefano Unterthiner

What is your favourite?


Summer in Amsterdam

I’ve been neglecting this blog for way too long, due to a million things I won’t bore you with. When finally logging in, I came across this draft. Tomorrow it will turn autumn officially, so seeing this pictures make me long back to those wonderful, sunny days…

(drafted on June 18th) Summer in Amsterdam is lovely and makes me so happy to live here!

Solving a mystery – part I

I like flea/vintage markets, and mostly the treasure hunting part of it. There’s loads of crap, but if you look good enough you might just find an awesome piece. A few weeks ago I went to one in Belgium and I found something completely useless, but nonetheless something I had to get my hands on.

Antique Private Ledger

In between old cans, bottles and other random stuff I noticed a big, leather book that seemed quite old. Despite the lock on it, curious me of course had to open it. It turned out to be a book used for keeping track of expenses, also called a ledger (which was on the back on the book as I later found out). When trying to decode the very old, but beautiful handwriting I found out the book was from 1869! Only a few of hundreds of pages were written on, but while reading I discovered a name (Henry Bailey) and items paid for like drawing tools and pictures. Doesn’t that sound like a painter? I’m going to find out…

Henry Bailey - painter

Contra - Private Ledger

A little tip for the people living in Amsterdam: tomorrow there will be a huge flea market at the IJ-hallen. If you have time, go check it out.

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Geef mij maar Amsterdam*

Personally I think I live in one of the greatest cities in the world. I wouldn’t even know where to start when describing what made me fell in love with this place the first time I came to live here (6 month internship in 2006). David James Smith, an expat who used to work at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, did an excellent job of  doing just so. He has written a beautiful “Goodbye Amsterdam” post which, I you have ever lived in Amsterdam, will make you all sentimental and sigh…

* This is the title of Geef Mij Maar Amsterdam, a very famous song about the city, sung by the artist Johnny Jordaan. It can’t get more Amsterdam than this, trust me.