Too much


Sometimes there’s too much drama. Like right now. Can’t handle it.

What’s next?!

Dutch national socialist ‘freedom party’ PVV opened a service to register complaints about foreigners. I hope this is fake, because it scares me. What’s next? Anyway, I used the website to let them know what I think of the Eastern European people I have met (click on the picture for a larger size).


A promising 2011

Last year a lot was going on on in the time leading up to  New Year’s Eve, and I really wanted to stick to my new year’s resolution: “Out With The Old, In With The New.” I got a new job, met a lot of fun new people and Amsterdam became even more of a home than it already was. I didn’t completely ban out the old, but that turned out ok. This year started out really good, so I hope the positiveness will stick! Happy New Year to you all!

Happy New Year 2011

(c) Harwinder Singh Gill

Solving a mystery – part I

I like flea/vintage markets, and mostly the treasure hunting part of it. There’s loads of crap, but if you look good enough you might just find an awesome piece. A few weeks ago I went to one in Belgium and I found something completely useless, but nonetheless something I had to get my hands on.

Antique Private Ledger

In between old cans, bottles and other random stuff I noticed a big, leather book that seemed quite old. Despite the lock on it, curious me of course had to open it. It turned out to be a book used for keeping track of expenses, also called a ledger (which was on the back on the book as I later found out). When trying to decode the very old, but beautiful handwriting I found out the book was from 1869! Only a few of hundreds of pages were written on, but while reading I discovered a name (Henry Bailey) and items paid for like drawing tools and pictures. Doesn’t that sound like a painter? I’m going to find out…

Henry Bailey - painter

Contra - Private Ledger

A little tip for the people living in Amsterdam: tomorrow there will be a huge flea market at the IJ-hallen. If you have time, go check it out.

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