No such thing as too much art

Ok, so I moved to my very own apartment. One of the great things about that was that I had more walls to put up more beautiful art. I recently purchased two great pieces that I’m very happy with.

The one above is “Spring” from Martine Johanna, which is my third piece of her. Really love her illustrations, you should check them out. The big, bad wolf that keeps staring at you is by Tarik Arnoutovic, working under the name



Let’s do this!

Ok, we’re two weeks into the new year and I’m still debating whether new year’s resolutions are hopeless. But I believe you should take every moment you can get to reflect and to stick to something you want to try to achieve. So here’s my go to a happier me:

I want to enjoy life more, enjoy the good people around me, my new apartment, my job. Too often I find myself caught up in stress, negativity, ‘too busy to enjoy anything’ mode that I need to remind myself that I’m actually doing quite good.

Fall in love
It’s been too long and I miss it. Enough said.

Learn a language
I love learning new languages and besides English I haven’t been practising mine enough. So it’s time to enhance my German and to really learn another language: probably Danish or Swedish. Why? Just because I think it’s fun.

I love to read, to dive into a new world and forget about my own. After reading a good book I can even get sad because the story is over. I want to read more books like that. And maybe, one day, I can have a beautiful bookshelf like the one here below :)

All by myself

Since I moved out of my parents’ place almost 10 years ago I’ve studied in 4 different countries, lived in 5 different cities, shared 10 different apartments and had over 75 flatmates. Yesterday I have spent the first night in my OWN apartment that I worked so hard for. Happy!

This also means I had to say goodbye to my place at Churchilllaan where I almost lived for 4 years. Unlike some other places I’ve lived, it felt like home and I will have fond memories of it. Goodbye…

P.S. Photo is taken with the Photosynth app.

Making True Grit

(c) Jeff Bridges photo - True Grit - Hanging Scene

Last weekend I’ve seen True Grit at a lovely movie theater in Amsterdam. Really liked the atmosphere of the raw wild west, which wasn’t the typical Hollywood glamour version of it. Jeff Bridges,who plays one of the main characters Rooster Cogburn, has been taking some wonderful pictures on set. Above is my favourite, check all the others here: Making True Grit. Via

A Visual Life – The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist is on of my favourite photography/style blogs for ages. Intel decided to make a 7 min documentary about Scott Schumann, the man behind this incredibly popular blog. It’s gives a beautiful insight in what he does, how and why:

Life on Sundays – blog

Earlier this week I discovered a new blog through twitter, called Life on Sundays. It’s a wonderful collection of pictures posted daily, all in this hazy, blurry and romantic style which I happen to love. It found out @ferryv, someone I talk to on Twitter sometimes, is behind it and he just started it two weeks ago. IF you like some of the pictures below, make sure you check out more on the blog.