Where We Work – the book

Last year I wrote about ‘This Aint No Disco‘, a website where creative (ad) agencies can show their often amazing offices. In 2010 their first book will come out! Check it out here.

Where We Work book - Ian McCallam

by Ian McCallam

Uxus Office Amsterdam



It can’t hurt to help a little

I just love the next Univé (Dutch insurance company) commercial as it shows moments where people help others just for the sake of it, nothing more, nothing less. It are these kind of little moments that can make my day! 

From a communications point of view I think this commercial is spot on as well. Univé is an insurance company that isn’t in it for a profit. You can debate whether that business model is successful, but it results in lower prices for their customers. The title of the commercial is ‘Niet voor jezelf leven’ (‘Don’t be in it for yourself’), which fits their mission statement perfectly. I love that title as it is something I strive to live by as much as I can (sometimes more successful than other times). What goes around, comes around ftw!

What goes around comes around

I’m a firm believer in this statement, and that’s why I love the following ad by Big Ant International for Global Coalition for Peace. Great example how the form strengthens the message! Simple yet brilliant. Maybe that’s why they won the Gold Pensil for Design at the One Show Design Awards?

What Goes Around Comes Around 1

What Goes Around Comes Around 2

via Molblog

Join adidas’ party

As it’s been broadcasted quite frequently in the Netherlands the past week, I’m pretty sure some of you already have seen adidas’ new commercial. First thought that came to my mind is that they have put down a whole lot of money to create this star studded commercial. The following incredible list of celebrities are in the featured: Katy Perry, Estelle, Young Jeezy, the Ting Tings, DMC-Daryl McDaniels, Method Man, Redman, Afra, Ryukyudisko, Russell Simmons and Missy Elliott, athletes Kevin Garnett, David Beckham, Ilie Nastase and Mark Gonzales, and designers Kazuki and Jeremy Scott.

The commercial is part of the largest global brand campaign they have done – ever! 60 years after Adi Dassler registered the iconic 3-Stripes mark, adidas Originals is promoted under the banner of Celebrate Originality. “The campaign is set against the backdrop of a house party hosting an eclectic mix of people from the worlds of music, fashion and sport.” Hermann Deininger, CMO adidas Sport Style Division: “This is a campaign that celebrates all of them and offers an open invitation to consumers to come and join in.” For me they succeeded because the following video is a party I definitly would have wanted to be at!

The “house party” was directed by Nima Nourizadeh and features the track Beggin’ remixed by Pilooski.

Radical Advertising

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to go to one of my favourite German cities, Düsseldorf. In addition to having a great time, I also went to a very interesting exhibition at the NRW Forum. The purpose of the exhibition was to show the history of shock value in advertising.

White Black Yellow Benetton AdGuerrilla Store Comme des Garçons at NRW Forum

For me personally, the shock value was only present at the beginning of the exhibition where ads were shown from Benetton, and maybe some of the Sisley ads were on the edge. The rest of the exhibition showed examples of adbusting, reverse psychology marketing (love this one by Diesel) and visual kidnapping (great example by Nike).

Really cool was that in addition to the exhibition, one could actually experience what used to be ‘radical marketing’. They included a really well-known concept, a guerrilla store by the famously known Comme des Garçons. Their concept is to have a store open at a location far from fashionable hubs, for a maximum of one year and not to spend much on the interior. The store in Düsseldorf is the first time ever for CdG to open one in a museum. So if the wonderful exhibition is not enough to convince you to go, the additional store definitely will! Radical Advertising will run until 16 August 2008. Not being able to go to Düsseldorf? You can check large parts of the exhibition online.

Egg Chair’s 50th Anniversary

Even when the title doesn’t ring a bell, you too have probably seen the Egg chair. This wonderful piece of design will celebrate it’s 50th anniversary this year. When you think of an egg, you think of cocooning and that’s exactly what this chair enables. Many critics state that design is only about the looks and not about the usability. However, this chair is pure design and it is wonderfully comfortable as well!

Egg Chair Limited Edition 2008The chair was created in 1958 by Arne Jacobsen and manufactured by Fritz Hansen, and was first introduced at the Radisson SAS Hotel in Copenhagen. Arne Jacobsen was asked to fully decorate and design the hotel. Today however, only room no. 606 still contains the original Arne Jacobsen pieces. To me personally, the Egg chair is the quintessential of design: beautifully shaped, comfortable, stylish and timelessly beautiful!

To celebrate it’s 50th birthday, Fritz Hansen launches a limited edition of 999 pieces with chocolate-coloured leather with a bronze foot. I want one :-) For those who can actually afford one, they will be available from February ’08. For those like me who can’t, you can dream away with some great Egg chair ads from the ’50s.