All by myself

Since I moved out of my parents’ place almost 10 years ago I’ve studied in 4 different countries, lived in 5 different cities, shared 10 different apartments and had over 75 flatmates. Yesterday I have spent the first night in my OWN apartment that I worked so hard for. Happy!

This also means I had to say goodbye to my place at Churchilllaan where I almost lived for 4 years. Unlike some other places I’ve lived, it felt like home and I will have fond memories of it. Goodbye…

P.S. Photo is taken with the Photosynth app.

Nobody baby but you and me

Wow, I’ve not blogged here for a while. Luckily I’ve haven’t been completely inactive when it comes to blogging, but it was all happening on

I came across one of my many drafts, this one dated from April 18th, and was about a movie I had just seen:  Blue Valentine. I’m sure most of us have seen it by now, but I mainly wanted to post my favourite song of the soundtrack “You And Me” by Penny and the Quarters. Although it’s been over half a year, I still love it! Interesting background story of the song is that it was a demo recorded in the ’50s, but the record label that has only now used it for the film, still hasn’t een able to find the original band members.