Solving a mystery – part I

I like flea/vintage markets, and mostly the treasure hunting part of it. There’s loads of crap, but if you look good enough you might just find an awesome piece. A few weeks ago I went to one in Belgium and I found something completely useless, but nonetheless something I had to get my hands on.

Antique Private Ledger

In between old cans, bottles and other random stuff I noticed a big, leather book that seemed quite old. Despite the lock on it, curious me of course had to open it. It turned out to be a book used for keeping track of expenses, also called a ledger (which was on the back on the book as I later found out). When trying to decode the very old, but beautiful handwriting I found out the book was from 1869! Only a few of hundreds of pages were written on, but while reading I discovered a name (Henry Bailey) and items paid for like drawing tools and pictures. Doesn’t that sound like a painter? I’m going to find out…

Henry Bailey - painter

Contra - Private Ledger

A little tip for the people living in Amsterdam: tomorrow there will be a huge flea market at the IJ-hallen. If you have time, go check it out.

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My first Amsterdam International Fashion Week

…was quite nice. Stupidly enough sitting front row at the closing show of the week does make you feel special for those 15 minutes. I was lucky enough to see some pieces from the deceased designer Percy Irasquin, whose work is amazing still. This was my view:

Amsterdam International Fashion Week 2010

Amsterdam International Fashion Week 2010

Chris Anderson reads my posts!

As mentioned before I sometimes blog for TEDxAmsterdam, the little sister of TED. It seems that we are being watched by our big brother though. Chris Anderson, curator of TED and nr. 7 in Fast Company’s most creative people 2010, apparently reads our TEDxAmsterdam posts as well. Today he tweeted about super talented Emma Bruns and her endearing story, a post that I have written. For me personally it’s is great to talk with and get to know so many great people that are involved with TEDxAmsterdam and that people actually read what I write. For Emma it’s awesome to see that her story a year after presenting is still spreading. Just a few of the reasons why I love TED and the internet!

Chris Anderson tweeting about Emma Bruns post on

If you want to read the post and see Emma’s TED talk, click here.

It’s over

Four weeks filled with friends, new-made friends, excitement, sportsmanship, beers, bars and of course football! We came, we saw and we did our best. It wasn’t enough, so congrats to Spain!*

I watched the World Cup final between The Netherlands and Spain at Museumplein. It was one, big, orange sea of madness. The picture below shows what it looked like this morning. It’s sad…

Museumplein the morning after we lost the World Cup Final (c) Guido van Nispen

Museumplein the morning after we lost the World Cup Final (c) Guido van Nispen


*and Howard Webb, please find another job