Too much time on your hands

Often I come across crazy things on the interweb where one might think ‘that person has way too much time on their hands.’ However, I’m sometimes jealous of those people (I’m typing this after getting up at 6.45h to go to the gym, go to work afterwards untill 19:30h, go home to cook, only to continue work untill writing this post at 20:45h). Having too much time means you have time to think, time to get inspired, time to create. Here’s some great examples of completely random awesomeness that came after having too much time.

First, there is photographer Stefan. For the duration of one year, he’ll post pictures of what Stormtroopers do on their day off. Not only are the pictures of amazing quality, it’s also fucking funny. You can get your daily dose of stormtroopers via Flickr, e-mail, twitter or Facebook.


Stormtroopers by (c) Stefan

Stormtroopers by (c) Stefan

Stormtroopers by (c) Stefan

Second, there is this 15 year old kid who created a painting in MS Paint, the most tedious Microsoft program out there. It took him 4 (!) years to create it and such perseverance is admirable on its own. You can see the whole painting and details in this video.

Third, there is this cool parkour motion reel that I unfortunately can’t embed here. The video says it is illustrated with technical pen, frame by frame. That sure does takes patience but it’s worth the effort. Enjoy!

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