Nothing is original

Neither is this post but I wanted to share it anyway :P

Nothing is original

Nothing is original - Jim Jarmusch


Ask me anything!

Last week I experimented with Formspring, a website where people can ask you questions anonymously. You just need to sign up and you get a clean-looking site where anyone can ask a question, it’s up to you whether you want to answer the (often funny) questions. TechCrunch described it as “your own personal interview.” It sounds like just another oversharing website, and it is just that – love it!

Question Mark

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The questions I have received (after putting the link on my Twitter and Facebook account) aren’t as exciting as I had hoped for. So, if there is anything, anything at all, that you would like to know about me than knock yourself out here!

Recession art

Recession / Recessione, a nonexcisting exhibition

Recession / Recessione - A Nonexistent Exhibition

Although probably no artist likes to admit this, one needs money to be able to create art. Recession is therefore bad news for art. A design studio in Italy came up with a creative way of showcasing art when money is low with “Recession / Recessione – A Nonexistent Exhibition“.
According to the creators, this book (or actually more a catalogue) is a great example of an exhibition that will never take place due to budget limitations. It’s a nonexistent exhibition, you can create one yourself in your own space with the art provided.

Recession / Recessione - A Nonexistent Exhibition

Recession / Recessione - A Nonexistent Exhibition

Between September and November 2009, 35 artists worldwide were asked to interpret the R word through texts, images, artwork or music. Their work is combined in a 1 kg book and an audio CD, which you can amazingly buy for free (you only pay shipping costs). Best idea ever! I ordered mine last week and thanks the lovely people at the studio I received it within days. The ones I liked best were Maxime Buechi and Slavs & Tartars’ “The Hustle”, Camille Vivier’s “Candle II”, Mark Borthwick’s romantic picture “If were pioneer’s”, the design of Paul Bouden’s “Bring it on” and the imaginary mixtape full of miserable songs (“The light at the end of a tunnel…is a train”) by Dirty Sound System. Go order one yourself here, there are only 800 copies available and I have the feeling they are going fast!