The Underground Rebel Bingo Club

"Bingo is the game of the devil"

(c) Red Class

Doesn’t the name alone make you want to be part of it? Rebel Bingo is a brilliant, underground concept combining bingo (duh) with music, excentric clothes and secret locations. The way it started out in London makes a great story and is worth checking out. Just as their pictures on Flickr, where you can see what kind of crowd it attracts and how big it already is. This is what the organisers have to say about Rebel Bingo on their website:

Rebel Bingo is dangerous and addictive. The authorities are after us. They want to shut us down. But we won’t let them. Our numbers are growing. We’re spreading across the country. You won’t see us but we’re everywhere. You won’t hear us but we’re right behind you. We’re everywhere and nowhere, but wherever we are we’re playing dirty, hardcore muthafuckin Rebel Bingo on the down low. We know it’s wrong. But it feels so right. And they can’t stop us.

Rebel Bingo does come with a few rules: no old people, no boring people, no wankers, no office parties, no hen parties, no stag parties, no work suits, no customer service. Dress code: weird, flash or dangerous. Makes sense doesn’t it? :-) I can only hope it will come across the pond and will start in Amsterdam soon as well! I would be so in :-)

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club (c) Red.Class

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club (c) Red.Class

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club (c) Red.Class

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club (c) Red.Class

This is what you get…

…. on the day that Google announces to stop self-censoring themselves in China. Why this huge increase in visits to my blog? Because I happen to have a picture of the protesting student at Tiananmen Square (1989) in a Magnum post from 1,5 years ago. Normally I have around 200-250 daily views, pretty normal for such a little hobby blog. Yesterday there were almost 1500 views, pretty crazy.

Amsterdam Acoustics

Amsterdam Acoustics LogoI have been following Amsterdam Acoustics since a few months but totally forgot to share this brilliant site. According to the website, Amsterdam Acoustics was started July 2009 to create intimate acoustic sessions with musicians with Amsterdam as a cinematographic background. This has resulted in some really cool videos, which can be viewed here.

Most of the artists are good but not super big (yet!), think of William Fitzsimmons, Peter Bjorn & John, Passion Pit and the likes. The biggest band featured must be The xx, wonder how they got them to join! Below you’ll find their video, an acoustic version of Crystalized. It’s one of my favourite videos and makes me look forward to their sold out show in February!

Good vs bad?

This picture by Magnum founder Robert Capa is probably the one item in Moderna Museet in Stockholm that got to me the most.

Robert Capa ‘Chartres, August 18, 1944'

(c) Robert Capa ‘Chartres, August 18, 1944'

Just after the Allies had liberated the town, a French woman who had had a baby by a German soldier was punished by having her head shaved. Here she is seen being marched home. What got me most is that many people around the lady are smiling, enjoying her humiliaition. Who kows this woman just happened to fall in love with a German guy (not because, but despite the fact that he was)? Whatever the story was, this shows that the ‘good’ can be just as bad too.

Feeling violet

One peak in my closet and you know what my favourite colours are. However, I was checking my Google Reader starred items from the past week and I noticed that I starred two wonderful photographs from Stil in Berlin.

Stil in Berlin - Girl in Forrest - Blue - Violet

(c) Stil in Berlin

Stil in Berlin - Stefan - Violet

(c) Stil in Berlin

See the similarity of the beautiful colour? Yesterday I bought a Pantone ® Mug. Pantone ® 2745 C, or also described as ” Going Gothic? Ultra Violet, Pansy Petals, Witches Hat, Sprouting Broccoli.” Guess 2010 started out violet for me, wonder it will last throughout the year :-)

Pantone® 2745c

Pantone® 2745c

Keep your eyes open

I like to keep up with everything around me and I get my inspiration from a whole bunch of things. It can be from the books, magazines and blogs I read, colleagues and friends, the people I follow on Twitter, biking through Amsterdam, art exhibitions, photographs, talking to random strangers, travelling, movies etc. One blog that always gives food for thought and inspires is Springwise. In case you haven’t heard of them yet (doubt it), this is how they describe themselves:

“Springwise is required brain food for entrepreneurial minds!…Springwise will instantly inspire you by getting the world’s most promising new business ideas and young ventures right in front of you.”

In 2008 I found out that you could also send in things or trends you spot by signing up for their network Springspotters. I did so and since then I have sent in several spottings, some of them made it to their blog and newsletter. Yesterday my latest spotting niiu was featured, before there was the free album from No Doubt, tech restuarant Inamo and my very first spotting Green Graffiti. The latter is a funny story since they barely started their business when they were featured in Springwise. Afterwards they were contacted for licensing in 13 countries, which was of course a huge boost to a start-up. Jim Bowes, the owner, found me through a mutual friend and we even had lunch to thank me. A great example to show the power of good ideas spreading through the interwebs. A through this I met a new, interesting person = win!

Keep Your Eyes Open