Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam 2009

Affordable Art Fair AmsterdamAround two years ago I wrote about affordable art at the Secret Show of Royal College of Art in London. Little did I know Amsterdam had it’s own initiative of bringing the (modern) arts to a larger group of people. It’s called ‘The Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam‘ and it shows contemporary art at a beautiful location. Most important aspect though is the fact that all art displayed ranges between 100 and 5000 EUR.

Last year I couldn’t go, but when a photographer friend invited me to join him last Thursday I of course couldn’t say no. It was incredibly busy, so the whole experience of checking out some fantastic work was made difficult. I also have to say that not all stands were as impressing. Work of some people that were worth noting down (personal opinion all the way) were Ronald Ceuppens (BE, graphic artist, very scenic), Marcel Hoes (NL, photographer, unfortunately his fantastic Amsterdam pictures ar not on his website), Russel West (UK, love the technique, colours and texture) and Fiona Morley (UK, great combination of wire and canvas, hard to capture on picture).

SOHO VI  45cm x 75cm Oil on Wire on Board by Russel West

SOHO VI by ©Russell West (45cm x 75cm Oil on Wire on Board)

'Untitled' by ©Fiona Morley (100cm x 100cm, Wire and Emulsion on Canvas)

'Untitled' by ©Fiona Morley (100cm x 100cm, Wire and Emulsion on Canvas)














Main question remains of course whether I brought a piece of art back home? Unfortunately I didn’t, but I will go back next year and look for something that fits both my taste and budget :-)


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