There is no such thing as useless knowledge

And that’s definitely not the case for the daily facts they put up on Learn Something Every Day. UK design agency Young is behind this website filled with funny comics with random facts. You can order the prints and t-shirts here. Cool is that you can submit your own fact at and they might just use it!

Since I had a very intelligent tweet about ketchup today, this one made me smile:

Ketchup was sold as medicine in the 1830's

I love to read

Your eyes blink 50% less when you're readingTest

Reading about yawning will make you yawn

Daily smile

I follow the online comic Toothpaste for Dinner every day (just as the Dutch comic Fokke & Sukke). It’s always good to start the day with a smile so here’s today’s comic:


Toothpaste for Dinner - Talking with Asteriks

Talking with Asteriks - (c) Toothpaste for Dinner

Check out one of the other 2,000 comics here, or even order your own personalised comic.


Data is beautiful

PLOT - Data is beautiful

 At least according to PLOT, Wieden + Kennedy’s (renowned ad agency for those who don’t know) own line of “contemporary jewellery, with a conceptual twist”. Lisa Prince and Nicholla Longley, both working at W+K London, noticed in their daily job that data can be presented in an aesthetical way. They decided to bring data and beauty together in the form of a jewelry line and PLOT is the result. Below for example you see a piece of jewelry which are actually the silver and oil prices from 1979-2009 when you take a closer look.

PLOT - Silver & Oil price

PLOT - Silver & Oil price 1979-2009PLOT - Silver and Oil Detail 1979-2009

PLOT - Silver and Oil Detail

PLOT - Silver and Oil Detail 1979-2009

 I love the concept, although the execution might need a bit more work. Of course W+K wouldn’t be so good if they didn’t know how to launch this well, so you can either visit the PLOT website, their online shop, the Facebook page or check it our irl at Beyond the Valley, Newburgh Street, Carnaby Street. Luna & Curious, Brick Lane, both in London.


Not just another brown bag


Newspaper bag by

Newspaper bag by

Cleaning up my room made me come across a little souvenir from my Munich trip in September. I got this cute, paper bag when I bought some stuff at Aroma (great lunch place with an awesome collection of crazy gift and gadgets, must see when in Munich!). The bag is made of recycled Indian newspapers. It’s produced by a NGO which donates all income to street children around the Delhi station. Cool looking, eco-friendly, humanitarian bag, win³!


Memories 1999-2009

I’m not a collector at all (I actually enjoy throwing things away as I hate clutter) but the one thing I have always kept diligently since I was 15 are tickets of things I have visited and done. Think tickets from concerts, theatre, opera, movies, restaurants cards, boarding passes etc. Earlier this year I decided to give them a better place than an old box so I bought a Moleskine book. Had to work today (yes, I know it’s Sunday) but as a little distraction I put  all tickets in the book . Few more pages to be filled before it’s full, making it a great overview of all the cool things I have seen and done the past 10 years.

Moleskine book 1999-2009

Moleskine book 1999-2009 (here tickets from last three months)

Highlights: Pinkpop in 2000 (my very first festival), ISH Skate Event in 2001 (a ramp in a theatre, that’s cool), all my boarding passes to Copenhagen and back since 2005 (did an exchange there twice and it feels like home), Lux Debate U.S. ’04 elections with Maarten van Rossem (very exciting times), my BahnCards 50 since 2005 (studied in and love Germany and went there numerous times with this travel card), Tina Dickow in 2008 (brilliant concert in New York City) and Kings of Leon in 2009 (first time seeing them live). Hope my next Moleskine book will fill itself with great memories as well!

A little break from it all

I heart my friends. That’s why I always look forward to the yearly get together with my best high school friends. The deal is that we pick the most boring place (this year it was Ruy, Belgium) so there won’t be distractions of any kind. For me it meant a weekend without any media: so no books, internet, magazines, tv etc. Ok, I cheated a little bit by sending two text messages, but besides that it’s pretty cold turkey for a news/internet addict like me. It was good to be cut off for a bit and being able to focus on great people and good conversations. Besides that I can’t remember laughing like a crazy 15-year-old as much as I did last weekend :-) I needed it. Who knows it might work for you too?

The cottage where we spent our weekend

The cottage where we spent our weekend