Fashion & Bikes

Photography + Blogs + Biking + Amsterdam + Fashion = a perfect combination of things I like! I’m an avid reader of fashion blogs such as The Sartorialist, Facehunter and Copenhagen Street Style. It becomes even better when biking is involved, for example Copenhagen Cycle Chic. That’s why it was great to see Garance Dore photographed lots of Amsterdam women, many with bikes, during her stay at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week (later all exhibitioned in Foam Photography Museum). Two weeks ago The Sartorialist also posted a series of pictures of NYC women with bikes, comparing them to the Amsterdam women on Garance’s blog. He is wisely not going into which style he likes more and I’m pretty biased, so what do you think?

Amsterdam lady photographed by ©Garance Dore

Amsterdam lady photographed by ©Garance Dore


1 thought on “Fashion & Bikes

  1. I wonder how hard the Sartorialist had to look for those women because there aren’t that many in NYC (I know since I live there). Love their style though!

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