Fuck You Very Much – the blog

‘Fuck you very much’ is more than just an annoying song by Lily Allen, it’s actually one of my favourite blogs at the moment. It’s a relatively young tumblr-blog (April ’09) that can be described as a visual diary. Basically they post a few stunning pictures a day which are accompanied by mostly great one-liners. Simple but nevertheless funny, cool or touching. I loved the following pic they put up today, been there and hated it too…

we hate goodbyes - by fyvm

we hate goodbyes - by fyvm

It’s is kind of mysterious who is behind the blog (“a boy and a girl”) but given some of their posts I can at least tell they are from my favourite city, Copenhagen (Denmark). FYVM has a twitter account too, you can follow them here.

Update (Sept 17th): They have reveiled a bit more information on their website, it’s a girl living in New York and a boy living in London (still think they are Danish though).

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