It can’t hurt to help a little

I just love the next Univé (Dutch insurance company) commercial as it shows moments where people help others just for the sake of it, nothing more, nothing less. It are these kind of little moments that can make my day! 

From a communications point of view I think this commercial is spot on as well. Univé is an insurance company that isn’t in it for a profit. You can debate whether that business model is successful, but it results in lower prices for their customers. The title of the commercial is ‘Niet voor jezelf leven’ (‘Don’t be in it for yourself’), which fits their mission statement perfectly. I love that title as it is something I strive to live by as much as I can (sometimes more successful than other times). What goes around, comes around ftw!

Patrick Watson & Wooden Arms in Melkweg

© Nick Helderman

© Nick Helderman

Sometimes I buy a concert ticket just because I like one song by the artist. This can either be risky (it might suck) or it can be your next favourite band. I only knew Great Escape at the time I bought a ticket to Patrick Watson’s concert on May 26th in the Melkweg in Amsterdam. I haven’t regretted it since the concert was quite amazing!

Luckily you can see for yourself as well, since 3voor12 has recorded the brilliant concert. Watch it here!