Richard Avedon in Foam (Amsterdam)

Last year I already heard about the exhibition ‘Avedon Photographs 1946-2004’ when I was in Paris. I was bummed since I couldn’t visit it there due to lack of time, but oh so happy when I found out its tour would also pass Amsterdam, the city I love and live in!

Foam, a wonderful, small photography museum in the inner centre of Amsterdam showcasing this exhibition, has the following to say about it:

It features over 200 works by Richard Avedon presented in chronological order, from his first photos made in Italy in 1946 to his final portraits, made shortly before his death in 2004. This is the first retrospective of his work to appear in the Netherlands.

As the exhibition takes a look at his career as a whole, the exhibition is a selection of Avedon’s most famous works as well as some hidden treasures. As I am only partly familiar with his work, I can’t wait to see more! You can too, from Feb 13th – May 13th 2009.

Richard Avedon Exhibition 1946-2004

Richard Avedon Photograhs 1946-2004

Bob Dylan ©Richard Avedon

Bob Dylan ©Richard Avedon

2 thoughts on “Richard Avedon in Foam (Amsterdam)

  1. You’ll have to post an update when you see the exhibit to give me a preview! The ICP in NY is going to be giving an exhibition of his work May 15 – Sept 6 (I think it is the same exhibit) so I’ll have to wait my turn to see :)

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