Crazy Paul Smith fisheye camera

Online (can’t give credits since i truly don’t remember the website anymore), I came across a very cool fisheye Lomograph camera by Paul Smith! People who read my blog regularly know I have a weak spot for everything that has to do with Paul Smith, so of course it went straight on my Sinterklaas (Dutch equivalent of Santa Claus) wish list! Now I just can hope I was sweet enough the past year to deserve such a nice present :-)

Paul Smith - limited edition fisheye camera (Lomograph)

Paul Smith - limited edition fisheye camera (Lomograph)

Cool retro detail is that the camera is not digital but analog, it uses 35mm lens and regular development. Also, for those who don’t know: a fisheye camera gives great distorted arty images. Some wonderful examples can be seen in this Flickr group. Getting all greedy? Here you can order one yourself!

When times get tough

I am a loyal reader of Seth Godin’s blog. Although I don’t always agree with his points of view, his posts are always very interesting to read. I just came across a post that I starred in my Google Reader items a while ago. I think the following quote couldn’t be more true (not only in a work, but also in a personal environment):

Your customers and employees and investors will remember how you treated them when times were tough, when they needed a break, when a little support meant everything.

No one in particular will remember how you acted during the boom times.

Savvy – the magazine I’ve been waiting for

Last week I read on Dutch Cowgirls, a fairly new (May ’08) blog which quickly has become one of my favourites, that a new magazine will be launched in the Netherlands this week. Since I work in PR, I read about new launches every week. While reading the description though, I immediately wanted to have it! Savvy Magazine tag-off is “a Women’s Guide to Gadgets”.  It will focus on electronic wanna-haves, such as the latest phones, netbooks, cameras etc. Let’s just hope they won’t only focus on the ‘typical female’ pink/glittery products manufacturers like to think we’re interested in…  This magazine sounds like a perfect combination of Bright and DCG, so I’m very curious to read the first edition on Thursday!

Cover of the first edition of Savvy Magazine

First edition's cover of Savvy Magazine

The US people have spoken

As I live in The Netherlands, I had to wake up early (5 A.M.) to see both John McCain’s and Barack Obama’s speeches. Both speeches were respectful to the opponent and Obama’s speech was touching and inspirational. It’s great to see so many people involved in this election, and I’m happy to see my personal preference has won. Congratulations Obama!

Mr. President Barack Obama

Mr. President Barack Obama