Why advertising doesn’t work

Since I work in PR, I find the next video very funny and spot on! (credits: Geert de Sager, Microsoft)

One man, one hand bike, one challenge

Covering over 3700 km in Scandinavia in 90 days with just the strength of your arms: impossible? Not for my friend Yves Néron-Bancel. In June he started his epic journey from Copenhagen to the polar circle (North Cape) and back by the “pedal-power” of his hand bike. After 90 days and many difficulties, Yves made it to the last finish in Copenhagen!

Yves at Place Vendôme, Paris

Yves at Place Vendôme, Paris

Why, you might ask? By taking up this humanitarian and sporting challenge, Yves, as a paraplegic himself, wanted to convey a positive image of disabled sportsmanship, while also helping to promote research. With the help of sponsors such as Jaeger-LeCoultre and CEMS, Yves has raised funds for the French Institute for Cerebral and Medullary Disorders. And why the North Cape? While this legendary destination for adventurers exercises and obvious attraction, the journey has never been attempted by hand bike and lends a whole new adventure to the challenge.

Yves, respect for you and what you have accomplished! If you are curious about Yves´ adventures, or if you would like to contribute to this noble endeavour, please visit handikapp-nord.org (FR) or handikapp-nord.org (ENG).