Surprising Spain

A month ago it was time for another trip, to Spain! After only seeing Malaga and Marbella, I wanted to explore the southern region Andalusia a little bit more by visiting Sevilla. Hardly did I know that this little city was so beautiful.

Santa Cruz, Sevilla

Santa Cruz, Sevilla

I absolutely loved the little area called Santa Cruz, it was so idyllic with it’s little alleys and charming, old houses. I was just impressed by the size of Seville’s cathedral, Catedral de Santa María de la Sede, the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. Make sure you go up in it’s tower – Giralda – to have a magnificent view of the city. The most amazing part of Seville was another place called Alcázares Reales de Sevilla. It is a palace, but not a regular one since it is build mostly in Mudéjar style. I felt like I was in a different world, and after entering the gardens I thought I was in paradise for a moment. Although, the constant heat of 40 Celsius made me quickly realise I was not :-)

After my few days of culture and fun in Seville it was time for some sight-seeing in Madrid. Staying with a friend in the city center made it easy for me to visit all tourist must-haves which I didn’t have the time for next to all the partying last time I was in Madrid. One night the sky was just perfectly blue in a way you would never see in the Netherlands (picture). However, only one night I was able to admire it since the other two nights I went out until the sun came up. First night we went to a club called Joy, quite touristy and not particularly great. The next day we wanted to go to Palacia, but since it was closed we ended up in Kapital. A bit expensive, but quite a cool club with different themed seven floors, an semi open rooftop and even a karaoke bar – how cool is that! ¡Me gusta España!

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