Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Anyone who knows me or has been reading this blog knows I love Denmark, and Copenhagen in particular. I’ve lived there during my studies and I have been amazed by the city, it’s inhabitants, design, fashion and drinking skills :-). Being Dutch, one aspect I especially liked about Copenhagen is that it is a true biking city, comparable to Amsterdam for example. There are biking lanes everywhere, making it really comfortable and safe to bike around the city.

Although I don’t live in Copenhagen anymore (who knows one day…), I have just discovered a weblog to stay in touch with my fellow bikers in that lovely city and combine following their great sense of style as well. Just check out Copenhagen Cycle Chic – Bike Advocay in High Heels, a blog which is a true hommage to all the bikers in Copenhagen. As a Dutchie, I especially had to laugh about this post, which discusses their ‘frustration’ about the so called Dutch bike. About their tagline, of course everyone knows which is the true bike capital of the world (ok, maybe Europe). Below is a picture of me and a friend riding free tourist bikes in my Copenhagen days…

Lieke en Anke on a tourist bike in Copenhagen


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