Magnum Photos

I absolutely can’t sing but I can enjoy and admire people who are brilliant at it. The same goes for photography: I am a great fan of it, although I realise my talent is limited. Therefore I was even more amazed by the wonderful exhibition ‘Magnum 60 years’ in Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

This exhibition contained the work of the 83 photographers of the photo agency Magnum. This agency was founded by the following photographers; Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, George Rodger and David Seymour. They saw photography as the means to not only capture world events but also to make people think about it. The way they ran their agency was quite different at that time, ensuring full independency of the photographer by keeping the copyrights, deciding theirselves which pictures were used and how many etc.

Many of the pictures have become icons trough out the years, attributing to the almost heroic status of Magnum. Who for example doesn’t know the picture of the student standing in front of the tanks on Tiananmen Square (Stuart Franklin)? Or the picture by one of my favourites, Robert Capa, taken on D-Day?

Tianamen Square by Stuart FranklinRobert Capa, D-Day shot

If you want to enjoy more pictures you can either go to their website, it showcases a lot of work and make sure you check out their in motion part of the website. Given their 60th birthday, Magnum decided to bring out a 7 kg (!) weighing book called Magnum Magnum with a selection of their best and most important pictures throughout those 60 years of great photography. I received the book for my graduation, and it’s a journey to go through those pictures and history. Get it before it’s sold out!