Working abroad – just do it!

Headline in the Dutch news this week: ‘Two third of Dutch students want to do an internship abroad’. Of course this got my attention since I’m a strong advocate of going abroad, either studying, travelling or working. However, what surprised me was that only 2 percent (!) actually realise their dream.

For me personally, all the cliches about going abroad are true: expanding your horizon, learning about different cultures, developing yourself, learning new laguages and making friends all over the world. I’ve studied in Copenhagen – Denmark and Münster – Germany. However, after my initial internship in Amsterdam, I also wanted work abroad, so London it was :-) This internship was different fom my study exchanges, since I was not discussing and reading about e.g. ‘international management’ but was actually experiencing it myself. Even though I was in London for a short bit, it has opened my eyes about working abroad and that it involves more difficulties than one would think. Albeit, it is worth it on every level! I am also positive that it helped me getting me where I am today. I’m happy I’m part of those two percent. Thinking about doing an internship abroad?  Make sure you join the two percent…

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