Dutch Fashion Scene- work in progress

Amsterdam International Fashion Week logoThere are quite some Dutch models that are known around the (fashion) world, of which Doutzen Kroes is the most successful one at the moment. Dutch designers however somehow have a harder time establishing themselves. Of course there are the famous Viktor & Rolf, Spijkers en Spijkers and Jan Taminiou, and promising talents like Claes Iversen (actually Danish but living in Amsterdam) and Daryl van der Wouw. The past years, the fashion scene in the Netherlands have been working hard to profile itself amongst the much more well know scenes in Paris, Milan, London and New York. A wonderful example is the Amsterdam International Fashion Week, founded in 2004, which is presented as a young and directional alternative to the world’s more traditional fashion weeks. They had a great list of designers, with Claes Iversen being my personal favourite (since my stay in Copenhagen, I have a soft spot for danish design in all it’s forms).

Claes Iversen Flower DressGreat models, designers and initiatives, but where does this leave us on the worldwide fashion map? Yesterday it was announced that my university (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen) will start a study called ‘Dutch Fashion in a Globalised World’. Anneke Smelik, the main researched stated the following about what they will be investigating with this first, national fashion research: “We’ll be looking at fashion and identity, on both a individual and group level, the realisation and meaning of certain brands and at the economy involving fashion and clothing in and around the Netherlands”. It sure sounds like a interesting research, of which the results will only be available in 2011 – this is when the research will be finished. I hope by then it won’t be yesterday’s news, like everything  in fashion :-)

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