Songs to get you through the day

While writing my thesis and spending 10-12 hours a day working on it, there were many times that I needed some good music to keep going. Since I worked at my university library computer, I could not rely on my own iTunes music. Therefore I used YouTube a lot, and I found some great music and rare live versions that I wanted to share with you.

During my high school years I was a big fan of the singer-songwriter Jewel, which I hadn’t heard much of the past years. My favourite song by her was ‘Deep Water’, and Jewel’s live performance at the Woodstock festival of ’99 is the best version I’ve ever heard.

While working in London this summer, I really liked Robyn’s UK no.1 hit ‘With Every Heartbeat’. Her follow-up single ‘Handle Me’ I loved even more though! I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to it already, and I still love it and I love the creative video (and no, I won’t discuss her remarkable looks like many YouTubers do).

Another person I discovered was a yet unknown singer from Denmark performing under the name TanjaLuise. You should check out her videos, I really like most of her songs but my favourite so far is ‘Don’t Make Me’.

Tina Dickow is another singer-songwriter from Denmark, who currently is gaining popularity outside Denmark more and more. I absolutely love the live version of her song ‘My Mirror’ in Joe’s Pub in New York. Check it out for yourself:

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