France vs Germany

This week I read a headline which really surprised me: “Germany most popular holiday destination for the Dutch”. For decades, France has been the most popular holiday destination. I’ve experienced that myself as well: year in, year out, my parents took me to France. This by the way, goes for many people I know. This phenomenon even resulted in one of our national, often ridiculed, stereotype, namely the Dutch that go on a camping holiday with their caravan. Well, apparently times has changed.

Lieke in DüsseldorfFrance had to give up their top position, not to Italy or Spain or other warm destinations, but to Germany! This surprised me a lot, because when I tell people around me that I often go on holidays to Germany, they even ask my why I would want to go there? I guess more and more people are finding out that our neighbour country isn’t that old-fashioned and stiff as one might think. I personally love Germany, the language, the variety of landscapes, the people etc. I for example have been surprised by the beauty of Stuttgart, the party spirit in Cologne, the architecture in Hamburg and Düsseldorf and the liveliness in Berlin. Therefore I am happy that so many people go there, so they can see for themselves what a great country it is! The included picture is of me on a recent trip to Düsseldorf, where I was enjoying the beautiful view.


2 thoughts on “France vs Germany

  1. We let holiday apartments in the Bavarian Forest and I can confirm that, during the Dutch holiday week in February, we are book solid with Dutch families and I guess other houses around here are the same – they come for the skiing.

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