Terrace in Düsseldorf, LiekeDüsseldorf, a city on my list for cities in Germany I still wanted to visit (just München and Dresden left now). It’s only one and a half hour away from where I study, yet I had never been there. Since I wanted to meet up with friends from abroad, I had a very good reason to go there.

It’s already been two weeks ago since I visited the city, but it still worth a post. Düsseldorf is a small city (around 500,000 inhabitants) which makes it quite charming. It is known for good shopping, especially at the very expensive (Königsallee) with lots of luxury shops. Don’t forget to bring your credit card though. Since the weather was wonderful, we spent some time at the promenade having some drinks and enjoying the panorama on the Rhein.

Besides the lovely Altstadt (old town) there is, to my surprise, some great modern architecture as well. I went up the Rheinturm (communication tower) where I had a great view on Düsseldorf and especially the area called Media Port/Mediahafen. My favourite buildings were the Landtag and the Zollhof Gebäude (pictures). For more pictures of interesting buildings in that area in Düsseldorf, click here. Of course we also explored the nightlife a little bit, but we mostly stayed at local pubs. Here we tried what was told a local specialty, namely a shot with Tabasco in it. I can highly recommend a visit to Düsseldorf, but this shot is something I advise you to pass.

Zollhof Gebäude DüsseldorfLandtag Düsseldorf


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