Wir sind Helden @ Paradiso, Amsterdam

Wir Sind Helden coverOn Friday, I went to a concert by one of my favourite bands called ‘Wir sind Helden‘. Although I had seen them live a few times already I was really exited to see them again, since they have a new album out. But most importantly, they would perform at Paradiso, one of Holland’s most (in)famous concert hall, a place I hadn’t been yet.

Both the band and the location were great! Back in the days, Paradiso used to be a church, which you can still tell by the architecture. Basically, the bands are performing on what used to be altar. This gives an incredible atmosphere, which is enhanced by the small capacity of the location (around 1000 people). The concert was sold out and I don’t wonder why. The surprising fact was that, unlike previous concerts in The Netherlands, the public was predominantly Dutch – a great achievement for a German-singing band! Wir sind Helden played for over two hours and it was obvious that they had just as much fun performing as the public had listening. They ended with one of their first songs I liked, Bist du nicht müde? I could definitely say no to that question and could listen to them all night :-) Luckily they were hinting at coming back in Utrecht and Rotterdam soon, so who knows… If you are curious and want to see the concert I watched, you can see it all here (legal and for free)


2 thoughts on “Wir sind Helden @ Paradiso, Amsterdam

  1. Hi, We are doing a travel story next Sunday about the Paradiso in Amsterdam. I came across your photo during a google search. Would it be possible to use your photo for our Travel story? If so, we would give you full byline credit.

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