Love Parade ’07

Everyone knows about the ups and downs of the Love Parade the past years. I was surprised to hear that this year they found a new location, namely Essen. For the ones who know Germany a bit better know that Essen is located in what is considered to be the ugliest part of Germany (Ruhrgebiet). Since it is close to The Netherlands, and one of my good friends from summer university in Copenhagen lives there I decided to go see it for myself.Logo Love Parade ‘07

Crazy is a good word to describe the day :-) First of all, the city was filled with 1.2 million people all ready to party so Essen was packed. Then there were the visitors: looking crazy, weird, trendy or just plain cheap but who cares. The music that I heard was good, although I really missed Moby (he missed his plane). The after-parties were the best, with a visit to the club ‘Hotel Shanghai‘ as a highlight!

Love Parade 2007

Conclusion: while Essen normally may be quite boring, this weekend was great!

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