Life in London – to be continued

A draft post which I forgot to publish…

I’ve been working in London now for two weeks, and it has been really interesting so far. The first weekend I arrived, I’ve been exploring St. Thomas hospital for a bit. I turned out to have glandular fever which made me allergic to a certain medicine which I already had been taking for a week. The nurses were really nice and made me all healthy again.

London viewWork has been interesting, since everything is so different! First of all, I start at 9.30! In Amsterdam I always had to start at 8.00, which somehow I actually like better. During the lunch break we don’t all eat together, but people just go out to have lunch. I’ve been doing that as well, and it has been great to be working at Soho Square since there is a little park and many cool lunch places around. People are also really friendly, but it’s hard to tell who means it and who doesn’t.

The city itself is great! I love all the nice little shops, walking around the different areas, hanging out in Hyde and Green Park etc. Coming from a small town, I thought Copenhagen and Amsterdam were big, but London is HUGE. I got lost pretty much every day, and the traffic is terrible. Having delays every day really made me miss my bike, haha. This weekend I will be doing some exploring again, so I’ll be back with more stories and pictures…

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