My favourite Wonder of the World – Petra

I guess nobody could escape the news that over 100 million people have chosen the new Seven Wonders of the World. I was one of those people a few months ago, voting for a place I haven’t seen yet but would love to. Petra, a wonderful and beautiful spot in Jordan, an ancient town in the middle of a desert.


When I mention it to friends, most of them just know it from Indiana Jones. My first introduction was a TV documentary in which the King of Jordan himself (!) took a few days to show his beautiful country to a Discovery Channel Reporter (more info). After this documentary I was sold! The remarkable story of King Abdullah, his beautiful wife Rania, the great desert Wadi Rum, the luxurious beach resort Aqaba and of course Petra… So many interesting aspects of I country which I knew nothing about so far. After the documentary I was intrigued by the country and visiting it is a in my top of ‘things I would love to do’ – list.

2 thoughts on “My favourite Wonder of the World – Petra

  1. I also have fallen in love with this newest wonder of the world. The fact that it was craved completely out of stone berfore modern technology completely boggles my mind. My dream, like yours, is to one day visit this spectacular place. =]

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