Fiat 500 is back on the road!

Last month I read an article about the Fiat 500 and their plans to relaunch a new version of my favourite car, the Fiat 500! In May 2006 they launched a special website, 500 days before the new car would come out. Suddenly they changed the release date to 4th of July, which was yesterday. Some pictures of the new Fiat 500 were leaked to the Internet, so I already had an impression of how the new Fiat 500 would look. I’m still more of a fan of the original version which I would love to own one day :-)

When my neighbours in Copenhagen one day got all their cars out of the garage, this beautiful Fiat 500 showed up. I just HAD to take a picture of it!

Fiat 500 (original)

3 thoughts on “Fiat 500 is back on the road!

  1. Cute little cinquecento – I have a yellow one :D
    Personally I don’t feel the new 500 has captured the true original spirit of the vintage cinquecento!

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