London baby!

British flagNow that everything is taken care of and it is certain that I’m going to go, I can say that I’m going to work in London this summer! Last semester I did an internship at an international communication consultancy in Amsterdam, which worked out really well. In my last week I decided to approach the Dutch CEO to see if I could do another (short) internship at one of their offices abroad. A few weeks ago I got the news that I was accepted at their London office!

Since then, I had to take care of a few things. First, I found an apartment to stay, which is from a Dutch photoghrapher living in both Amsterdam and London. From there, it will be around half an hour to get to SoHo, where I’ll be working. Last week, I heard that I’m placed at the marketing communication division, which I’m really happy with. The contract is on the way, and yesterday I booked my ticket. I can’t wait, since it will be a great opportunity to learn more about pr/marketing and especially when working at such a great and big office. And I’m so excited about the city, I’ve never even been to London before and now I will be living there for a little while. I’m so happy!

London view

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