Wir Sind Helden are coming…

I was listening/watching to MTV this morning, and to my surprise they were playing a song by Wir Sind Helden! They are huge in Germany (best selling band the past years) and happen to be one of my favourites. Last year they toured in several European countries, and I ended up seeing them three times; twice in the Melkweg (Amsterdam) and once in Tivoli (Utrecht).

I first heard of them when living in Copenhagen, where I had a German flatmate. He asked me if I could download some songs of them for him, and after I did, I wondered why people would voluntarily wanted to listen to such music. But again, after hearing it more often and hearing other songs I started to like them a great deal. In the beginning, it was maybe just weird to listen to German lyrics, since in The Netherlands it is not always considered to be the most ‘sexy’ language :-) Every time I listen to music in German, my friends react in the same matter.

Wir Sind Helden CDBut things seem to be changing, since their new song is aired on MTV and they’re playing at a big Dutch festival called Pinkpop for the second time this weekend. Later on this year, they will be playing in the Effenaar and Paradiso as well. I don’t know if I’ll be able to go, but first I will have to get their new CD Soundso which they released yesterday. The first single I don’t like that much, but I can’t wait to get the CD and hear the other songs! If you wonder what they sound like: Nur ein Wort has a really cool video and Denkmal was the first song I liked in the beginning.

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