I was in the news!

NRC Next articleWell, kind of at least :-) Let me explain… In November ’06, me and 19 other students throughout the Netherlands got selected for a new project set up by the Netherlands Red Cross. These students are responsible for the set up of student desks in their city, nine university cities in total. We have a meeting in Utrecht every two months and last time a journalist was there too since the newspaper found it an interesting initiative. Well, that resulted in a full page article in NRC Next yesterday. NRC Next is one of the most popular newspapers among students, with a circulation of 75,000 after existing for one year. This article also got a follow-up by NOS (Dutch Broadcasting Foundation) who shoot a video about this topic in Rotterdam.

After doing an internship at a communication consultancy, I have seen many press releases come by and it’s always interesting to see which information is picked up by journalists and what is not. It’s funny though that in this case no press release was used but we probably got more (free) exposure which we wouldn’t have if we had used it. It’s exactly this kick what I like about communication/PR!

2 thoughts on “I was in the news!

  1. Congratulations! Too bad I’m unable to read the article since I don’t know any Dutch :( Thank you for your comments by the way about my pictures you made a few weeks back. I appreciate it!

  2. Kevin, thank you too! Good to see you back here. Checked out your new website, it’s much more easy to browse through your pictures now, and I really like the one of the three branch on the first enter screen!

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