Das Leben der Anderen – movie

Das Leben der AnderenI already wanted to go see this movie (in English ‘The Life of Others‘) for a while, but somehow never got to it until yesterday. I’m so happy that I did since I really liked it! And this wasn’t only because of my fondness of German, the story really keeps you interested through all 139 minutes. That Oscar for ‘Best Foreign Movie’ was well deserved.

For those who haven’t seen the movie or heard of it yet, here’s a short description:

    “In the early 1980s, the successful dramatist Georg Dreyman and his longtime companion Christa-Maria Sieland, a popular actress, are big intellectual stars in the socialist state, although they secretly don’t always think loyal to the party line. One day, the Minister of Culture becomes interested in Christa, so the secret service agent Wiesler is instructed to observe and sound out the couple, but their life fascinates him more and more…”

The styling of this movie is brilliant! They have carefully chosen locations that looks east-germanish and the general grayish mood is very well recreated. Interesting was to see how the houses were decorated, typical sober eighties style (which I have only seen in pictures since I am too young to remember). I just loved the twist in the story in the last 20 minutes. A brilliant movie that anyone even remotely interested should see!

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